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CZ Series Pump
CZ series pumps are used in several industries like petrochemical, paper mills, grain making refineries and more. These are capable of handling cold or hot natural and corrosion liquids. CZ series pumps have excellent workability, longevity and hassle free functioning. 

CZB Series Pump
CZB series pumps are driven by a magnet and mostly applicable for liquids that are hard to seal. These are suitable for alkalis, exotic compounds, risky liquids, pollutants, acids and more. CZB series pumps have a robust structure, longer service life and high strength. 

Pump Components
Pump components include shaft, casing cover, can etc. These are responsible for the stability and better performance of the pumps. Our offerings are highly efficient and easy to install. Pump components have a compact structure, durability, anti-abrasive nature and robustness. 

Magnetic Drive Pumps
Magnetic drive pumps are designed for pumping liquids that are difficult to seal. These are suitable for corrosives, alkalis, acids, exotic materials, toxics, pollutants and other risky liquid. Magnetic drive pumps provide maximum efficiency, easy usage, longer functional life and reliability. 

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